Poems of any theme and subject will be considered, but preference will be given to poems which demonstrate craft and originality; plagiarism will not be tolerated in any way. Submissions are rolling and we publish pieces weekly, as Poems of the Week and Weekend Poems.

Please do NOT:

  • Email your submissions to us. Use our submissions manager system for this.

Please DO:

  • Submit a maximum of 3 poems, as a single Microsoft Word attachment, to the form.
  • Label your attached Microsoft Word files as ‘Your Name – TMS Poetry‘.
  • Include a short (up to 60 words) third-person bio in your cover letter which can be published along with your submission.
  • Remember that simultaneous submissions (to other publications) are accepted, but please let us know and notify us immediately if your piece is accepted for publication somewhere else.
  • Realize that though we do occasionally feature previously published pieces, permission to re-print must be ascertained from the original publisher.
  • Credit TMS if your piece is re-published with another publication.
The Missing Slate strives to respond to submissions within three weeks, but please allow us up to six weeks before inquiring after your submission. To make an inquiry, e-mail poetry@themissingslate.comPlease do NOT email your submissions to this address.
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