We take submissions in three categories: visual art, literature (poetry and fiction), narrative nonfiction (social commentary, investigative journalism, memoir, etc.). Submissions are open throughout the year, but each category has its separate email address and submissions guidelines, which we ask you to respect. 

As a final word, we respect the time and talent of those who submit to us and who expect a timely response, but we ask for a minimum of three and a maximum of six weeks to get back to you. Rest assured, we have received your submissions and will get back to you as soon as we can either way.

All rights revert to the author upon publication. Should your work be republished elsewhere, either online or in print, we would be very grateful if you credit The Missing Slate.

Please note: we currently cannot afford to pay contributors. We hope this will change in the future, but for now, it is simply not feasible for us.

Our narrative nonfiction category is currently not taking unsolicited submissions. 

We're looking for committed, passionate, motivated self-starters who are armed with the desire to learn and grow in a cosmopolitan team. We’ve published some of the best poetry and fiction from over 90 countries including work from award-winning writers and poets; what can we say? We're ambitious and are on the lookout for talent that amazes and inspires us.

Please note: all full-time positions are unpaid and we expect between 10-12 hours per week. To know more about our team, scroll through our team profiles. We are accepting applicants on a rolling basis.

We welcome your interest!



  • When submitting works of art, please make sure that you send us high resolution (300 dpi) files.
  • Any artwork goes; paintings, illustrations, digital art photography, etc. If it’s art, we take it.
  • Concerning photo essays, please send in a series of up to 8 high res photographs with a meaningful theme: social, religious, cultural, etc.
  • Please ensure that the subject is relevant to our magazine’s audience and content. We don’t want random pictures of your pet puppies or cats in your backyard… there must be meaning andrelevance, and it should reflect in your submissions.
  • Please send in all submissions as attachments. DO NOT include the work in the body of your email.

Please note, these submissions are not the same as our Roving Eye Spotlight series. However, submissions can sometimes be converted into a Spotlight interview as per our discretion. All material is credited. Please note: artwork, though always credited, is sometimes re-used should the need arise.